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Welcome, and thank you for taking a look at our  “The Woman Behind the… WAND”©  project:   A tribute to the life of Billie Burke as she revisits her amazing career, and shares the riveting… Love Story…Remembered   between her and Florenz ZiegfeldBillie Burke, a delightful individual that has touched each and every one of us for good.   Every so often, an amazing idea comes forth, and is so exciting and so worthy of support, that everyone wants to become part of its process in helping it succeed.  We feel that this Musical, provides that very opportunity to become part of something amazing… BILLIE BURKE TRIBUTE

We hope you are intrigued with this project. The positive response we are getting in support of this production concept has been amazing.  We hope that you, as well, might be inspired to become part of this Production.  “Pulling Together”…we all can see this amazing… “TRUE LOVE STORY” find fulfillment in actually becoming a Reality!

What we need right now, is for hundreds, or even thousands of you entrepreneurial Angels to think back on your wonderful memories of “Glinda”, the Good Witch of the North, and to the lady, Billie Burke, who made that character so delightfully memorable:… And then to join us in bringing her amazing career, and sharing the riveting… “Love Story…Remembered”  between her and Florenz Ziegfeld.

Please join us in supporting this exciting and remarkable undertaking. Please share this with Family, Friends, Co-Workers, and become one of the many supporters who strongly believe in the love and the power o“The Woman Behind the… WAND”©  With your help, this Musical, will find its way Home (THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME).

“The Woman Behind the… WAND”©GoFundMeis currently on hold.)

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Thank You!

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Richard D. Pelton, Creator and Producer

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