“The Woman Behind the… WAND”©


* *  “Congrats”…“The Woman Behind the… WAND”©… A FINALIST  in the “CONCERT SERIES” for the 2019 New York Musical Festival

* Originally Conceived, Created and Authored by Richard D. Pelton – BIO in November of 2011.

* On December 21, 2015  Mr. Pelton met in NYC with… Ken Davenport / Broadway Producer

* The initial Script Readings with Musical Orchestrations took place with an ensemble of Seasoned Actors in June of 2016 at the… Manatee School For the ARTS.

* A subsequent presentation of Script and Music took place in Los Angeles (July 22-24, 2016)– under the direction of Scott Guy, (Executive Director)  and Elise Dewsberry (Artistic Director, Resident Dramaturg), at the  New Musicals Inc. “Musical Festival Conference” …and was very well received by the attendees from all over the country.

* The success of the Initial Readings and the Musical Festival resulted in a groundswell of enthusiasm and interest from Local, Regional, and National Theaters.  Directors, Actors, and Seasoned professionals’ are being contacted. We are sharing… The Love Story Remembered” … between Billie Burke and Florenz Ziegfeld. “The Woman Behind the…WAND”©

* 2019 “The Woman Behind the… WAND”©… A Top 20 FINALIST  in the “CONCERT SERIES” for the 2019 New York Musical Festival

* 2023 –   Musical Preview”  (TBD) Seeking a  Bio-Movie Musical, Staged Theatrical Showcase, and / or Concert for “The Woman Behind the… WAND”© …The Theatrical Showcase Concert / Production will feature an ensemble of professional actors, singers, and crew.  Sold-out Performances are expected.

***“The Woman Behind the… WAND”© …TEAM” is exploring Regional and National partnerships for engagements at Theatrical Institutions…For more information Please contact…

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