Producer Ken Davenport   WINS…the 2018 Tony Award

Once On This Island 2018 Tony Award for Best Musical Revival

Congrats Ken!!


As the Creator and Original Author of “The Woman Behind the… Wand” ©, I have had the pleasure and opportunity of many consulting sessions with Ken since 12/21/15. He has given me and my Team great insights, directions, and advice.  Please visit his websites for more information.

Theatrically Yours, Richard D. Pelton


ken-davenportSubject:  Rick Pelton/Consult Recap & ACTION Items – 12/21/15


A pleasure meeting you last night and discussing The Woman Behind the… Wand” ©, which, as I mentioned, is a terrific idea for a Musical.  It’s a show-biz story and a backstage story, yet it’s not an obvious one. It’s one that will make people say, “That was Flo Ziegfeld’s wife?”

And the music is, as you know, very good. While it needs to be re-orchestrated for modern times, the tunes you played me seem tuneful and memorable.  All good things.

As we discussed, time to start putting some action behind all this great potential.  I always give my clients three action items to work on over the next 30 days to help get their show closer to reality.

Here are yours!

  1.  Reading …As soon as you get home schedule a casual “pizza reading” of your show.  You don’t have to have the actors sing.  You can play demos.  But get friends over and read what you have.  This will give you feedback on where the show is creatively and also get the snowball rolling down the hill.  🙂
  2. Rights …You say the show is based on several books, and you’re also using a famous character as your title.  I’d check with attorney on the rights issues here.  Billie is a public figure, but the books are subject to copyright.
  3. Festivals… A great place for a first production of the show would be the festival circuit.  Check out NAMT or NYMF or The FringeWe can discuss which one is best for you at a future date, but we need to figure out how we get the show to production! Then again, maybe your local high school or regional theater might be a good, low cost, tryout!

You’ve got a great idea here.  And great material.  Now we just have to put some gas in the tank of this car and get it moving!

Go get ’em.


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